Jersey Cattle OO x3


Three Jersey cattle. Super detail VPS models. One standing, one grazing, one calf. Individually hand painted by Geke van Petegem and imported from the Netherlands.

The Jersey cow is a cattle breed that was originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey (in between France and England). After the year 1866 the cattle got increasingly exported to England, Denmark, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Its milk has high butterfat conditions, so excellent for making delicious butter and cheese. I paint the cows with multiple paint layers, first the creamy colour, followed by the orange-brown colour. They have brownish dirty legs, a brown nose and beautiful brown eyes.

Contains: 3 cows Country: England, Canada, Europe, Australia Height: 1,5 cm Scale: OO Scale 1:76 /  H0 Scale, 1:87 Colour: Cream, light brown, brown

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