Building a Model Railway Part 2

The first part in the series was aimed at the model railway newcomer and hobbyist. Part 2 takes the viewer into greater detailing and technologies, filming around the country with interviews from leading manufacturers and dealers such as Bachmann Europe, PECO, Metcalfe Models, DCC Concepts, weathering specialists TMC, Ten Commandments Models and more. Get to grips with track ballasting, static grass application, Digital Command Control technologies, weathering and building effects.

Welcome to build a model railway. In Part 2, we look into Detail & Technology. Join us as we develop our layout with the help of leading manufacturers.

We take our card building kits to another level and visit the Metcalfe family business. – ‘We’re a family business. We are passionate about models and passionate about this hobby. We absolutely love what we do. We are really thrilled when we see people making beautiful models out of our kits.’ (Nick Metcalfe)

Watch as we weather, electrify and create special effects. We visit the home of PECO, synonymous for its rail track, as we go deeper into track ballasting and static grass application.

‘PECO is a very well-known brand in the world of model railways. People see us as a traditional business in some sense, a traditional family business and that’s nice because we are. We’re very proud of the fact that we manufacture everything here on the site. The hobby is actually very strong, very much alive and certainly it’s becoming more visible in the public eye.’  (Steve Haynes)

We look at a range of exciting rolling stock, some from Oxford Rail, and go behind the scenes of Bachmann Europe.

‘Bachmann Europe started in 1989. So, as well as locomotives that might be produced exclusively for a certain retailer or group, we do the same with our Collectors Club. We do a range of limited edition models. Model railways really are encompassing for all. You can be part of  the modelling club or you can be modelling on your own.’ (Richard Proudman)

Join us in the Yorkshire Dales as we watch how the professionals weather our F3 (locomotive) with Deeley Tender.

‘I’m Alex Yates and I run TMC The Model Center, here at Beck Hole. Out of demand we set up a small weathering service and now we offer various services if you’re wanting something really bespoke. You want rust in certain places, limescale, all that kind of thing, then you move on to our deluxe weathering service.’

Technology specialists DCC Concepts come to the studio to bring our layout to life with lights, smoke and sound.

‘I’m Richard Johnson, manager and founder of DCC concepts. We’re a company that works in the Model Railway area trying to make technology usable for the average railway modeller.’

‘Often people see DCC as a black art or something mystical or something complicated. It’s very straightforward; it’s just two wires delivering command to locomotives; that’s it. But what it does is, it allows you to drive the train not the track.’ (Richard Brighton)

Following on from Build a Model Railway – from Start to Finish, Part 2 is another jam packed production taking the hobbyist to the next level. Photos show highlights from Volume 2. Watch the trailer here on our Youtube channel.

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